访问学者博士后圣诞节怎么过?(MERRY CHRISTMAS!)





  The year is almost over and the Holiday Season has officially started! If you are living abroad while working as a visiting scholar or a post-doc, you must have noticed that everyone is getting on a festive spirit and that Christmas decorations are everywhere!


  Christmas is an annual festival that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ (YES, Christmas is Jesus’ Birthday). Although Christmas is a religious holiday celebrated by Catholics and Christians, it has become more and more popular all over the world, and now it is even celebrated by non-religious people because of the nice message of happiness and joy that it spreads.


  è The night before Christmas is called “Christmas Eve” and it is celebrated on December 24th.

  è 圣诞节前夜也称作“平安夜”,人们在12月24日开始庆祝。

  è Christmas Day (Jesus’ Birthday) is celebrated on December 25th.

  è 圣诞节(耶稣的生日)是12月25 日。

  è Christmas is celebrated in more than 160 countries all over the world.

  è 全世界有超过160个国家庆祝圣诞节。

  Were you invited to a Christmas Dinner? 有人邀请您参加圣诞节晚宴吗?

  v  Many people will host Christmas dinners for family, friends & coworkers, so if you are invited to a Christmas Dinner, remember to ALWAYS ask the host: “What should I bring?”

  v  很多人都会在这一天为家人、朋友和同事准备圣诞节晚宴,如果您受邀去赴宴,记得问主人自己需要准备些什么带过去。

  v  Perhaps they will ask you to prepare one small dish or a salad, if they don’t (or even if told you there is no need to bring anything) just take a bottle of wine or a cake for dessert anyway (as it is good manners and it is usually expected), plus a gift for the host.

  v  或许他们会让您准备一个小菜或者一份沙拉,如果没有要求(或者他们告诉您说不必要带任何东西),那就带一瓶葡萄酒或者一个蛋糕甜品过去(这可以体现自己的礼仪,通常人们也期待您这样做),另外,也可以为主人准备一份小礼物。

  v  Companies always hold Christmas parties for their employees and they tend to be pretty fancy so get ready to dress-up and spend some time with your coworkers.

  v  有些大学或机构也会为他们的员工举办一场圣诞派对,派对通常比较精致,所以要仔细着装,和您的同事一起度过一个愉快的节日。

  What do we eat and drink on Christmas?  圣诞节餐食有哪些呢?


  v  Turkey 火鸡

  v  Roasted Ham  烤火腿

  v  Mashed Potatoes 土豆泥

  v  Roasted Vegetables  烤蔬菜

  v  Salad 沙拉

  v  Cranberry Sauce红莓酱

  v  Ginger Bread Cookies/Houses圣诞姜饼屋

  v  S’mores  棉花糖巧克力夹心饼干(美国加拿大常见的一种节日小食)


  v  Eggnog (Alcoholic) 蛋奶酒(含酒精)

  v  Mulled Wine (Alcoholic)  热红酒(含酒精)

  v  Hot Cocoa/Chocolate  热可可/巧克力

Christmas Traditions 圣诞节传统

Christmas Decorations圣诞节装饰

  v  Each house is beautifully decorated both in-doors and out-doors (some residential streets may even compete for a prize).

  v  每户人家的室内室外都装饰得非常漂亮(有的街区甚至为圣诞节装饰设立评比奖项)。

  v  Decorations can also be seen in work-places, shopping malls, stores and even hospitals (to lift up everyone’s spirits).

  v  (为了把大家的节日气氛带动起来,)工作场所也会有圣诞节装饰,如商场、门店甚至医院。

Christmas Carols圣诞节颂歌

  v  Traditional Christmas songs can be heard everywhere.

  v  到处都可以听到传统的圣诞节颂歌。

  v  People with traditional clothes sing on the streets in exchange for tips.

  v  穿着传统服饰的人们在大街上唱歌换取小费。

  v  There are also professional musical performances (choirs and philharmonics).

  v  还会有(唱诗班和交响乐团的)专业音乐表演。

Christmas Tree & Gift Opening圣诞树&拆礼物

  v  Families decorate together their Christmas tree.

  v  家人们一起装饰圣诞树。

  v  Gifts are put underneath the Christmas Tree and opened only on the morning of December 25th.

  v  礼物通常放在圣诞树下,只有在圣诞节的早上也就是12月25日的时候才能打开。

  v  The lightning ceremony of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in NYC is attended by thousands of people. The tree is famous for its height and its impressive amount of lights. Be sure to get super early in order to get a spot.

  v  成千上万的人将参加纽约洛克菲勒中心圣诞树点灯仪式。这棵树因它的高度和节日灯的数量之多而闻名。记得早点去好选一个好位置观看哦。

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony洛克菲勒中心圣诞树点灯仪式

  v  The Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is a big winter event.

  v  洛克菲勒中心圣诞树点灯仪式是冬日一大盛事。

  v  This Christmas tree is famous for its height and its impressive amount of lights. Also, there is Swarovski star placed on top of the tree.

  v  这颗圣诞树因罕见的高度和节日灯的数量而闻名。另外,树的最顶端装饰着施华洛世奇水晶之星。

  v  It’s held in Manhattan, New York every year.

  v  活动每年在纽约的曼哈顿举行。

  v  This year the lightning ceremony was on the night of December 4th, 2019.

  v  今年的点灯仪式在2019年12月4日晚上举行。

  v  On Christmas day (December 25th), the lights shine for a full 24 hours.

  v  圣诞节当天(12月25日),全天灯光闪烁。

  v  There were thousands of people, and several streets and subway stations were closed, so did you get there early and get a good spot?

  v  当天会有成千上万的人参加活动,部分街道和地铁站会处于关闭状态,您有早点去选一个好位置观看吗?

Christmas Markets 圣诞节市集

  v  Small artisanal markets selling art-crafts, Christmas decorations, food and beverages.

  v  一些小的圣诞市集会售卖手工艺术品、圣诞节装饰物、食物和饮品。

  v  They often include ice skating courts.

  v  这些圣诞市集也常搭建有溜冰场。

Secret Santa神秘的圣诞老人

  v  Secret Santa is a popular holiday game in which gifts are exchanged.

  v  神秘的圣诞老人是一个流行的节日游戏,在这个时候大家都会相互交换礼物。

  v  It is mostly played by coworkers in which every employee gets one random name of a coworker (no one can pick, it is 100% random), and then they need to buy a small gift for them while keeping this a secret.

  v  大部分的时候,同事之间会玩这个游戏,每个员工随意为另一个同事购买一份礼物,并保密(完全是随机的,不能自己挑选)。

  v  Usually everyone will agree on how much money should be spent on buying the gift. (Most of the time is very little, like tops US$25 –– for example.)

  v  通常参与活动的人们会商量好礼物的预算。(一般价格控制的比较低,比如最高25美金)。

  v  The day the gifts are opened, everyone tries to find out who was their Secret Santa (person who picked their corresponding gifts). It is fun to try to discover the mystery, plus everybody will receive one gift!

  v  礼物打开的当天,每个人都要尝试找到自己的圣诞老人(即为您买礼物的人)。找圣诞老人的过程充满乐趣,而且每个人都会得到一份礼物!

  In conclusion Christmas is a time to get together and be joyful. Remember to always wish a Merry Christmas to your coworkers and friends when you see them.