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Get a your dream position: Post-Doctoral, Visiting Scholar, Visiting Student.
We understand that every customer needs are different, so all of our services are personalized. We provide a personalized experience for each client, ensuring their needs are completely satisfied and their requirements are fully met. We have the best team of professionals working for your benefit.
About Us

Located in Beijing and Shanghai, we have been helping the most outstanding talents in China to find a spot as post-docs, Visiting Scholar & Student visitors in the Best Universities of the World since 2004. We believe in Academic Excellence, we thrive for knowledge!

We have accumulated more than ten years of application for scholars and students, providing the most comprehensive application consulting services based on a large number of successful application cases and the resources of more than 30,000 college professors.

Our Services
Our company is committed to bringing the Best Minds and Universities together. Helping all sorts of Brilliant Professionals, from all sorts of academic backgrounds, achieve their goals of pursuing a post-doctoral and academic visit at the World's Best Universities.

We help you to apply for positions at world renowned universities and institutions:
post doctorate
visiting scholar
visiting student
We help you with everything that application entails:
→ Application Materials Translation
Academics' backgrounds are complex, their research is extent and contemplate specific language and technicalities. We specialize in Scientific Language regardless of your major: Medicine, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Marketing, Business, Law, etc.
→ University Interview Training
High standards regarding the acceptance of applications set by the Top Universities make millions of professionals compete for a spot.
→ Get Admitted Now!
Professional online training preparing you for the interview. We have a compilation of the most important questions asked by the Top Universities. Plus, we personalized each training session based on the clients' knowledge and research interests to provide and individual experience!
→ Positive Factors for Selection:

· Evidence of superior academic achievements.

· Degree of promise of continuing achievement as scholars.

· Capacity to respond in pedagogically productive ways.

Service Advantage
15 years of experience in resources
15 years of massive resources + full-time application experience.
Thousands of successful application cases in 20+ countries
Thousands of paid postdoctoral and visiting scholar positions in 20+ countries.
Obtained successfully positions for scholars at the TOP 50 most prestigious schools
90% of our applicants went to the TOP 50 Universities in the United States or other same-level institutions in the country.
4 special services
The region, time, institution ranking, tutor academic background, can be specified according to the customer needs.
1-day application speed
Efficient work efficiency + fast application speed, once received a satisfactory invitation within one day.
99% of the interview pass rate
Accumulated thousands of interview recordings, master the interview process and get familiar with the most commonly asked questions by host supervisors, 99% of clients pass the interview after receiving our Interview Training done completely in English.
One-stop worry-free service
Data Analysis → Apply for the position → Interview training → Get an offer → Get the visa → Assist in picking up, housing → Worry-free.
Transparent and reasonable charges
Transparent fee agreement records, charging according to university rankings, Phase II: charging after obtaining the approved position feedback, basically no extra charge on the foreign host side.
Customers' Testimonials
Check some testimonials from our customers and their satisfactory feedback:
"As I'm 48 years old, I was hesitant about applying for a post-doc due to my age. ZSR's team clarified my doubts and found me a great offer. I joined the State University of New York (SUNY) as a Paid Post-doctoral Fellow with an annual salary of US$50,000. I was able to work with outstanding academics from around the globe in the Department of Computer Science. I'm very satisfied."
"Throughout the application process, I could always feel the seriousness and patience of ZSR's team. Their hard work helped me realize my dreams. Within 1 month they got me my dreamed position: a paid post-doc of 2-3 years at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute."
"It was my goal to go to Cleveland Clinic as a Visiting Scholar, to engage in Clinical Observation and develop research. ZSR managed my application and after only 1 day I got a positive response. As a result, I joined the Gastrointestinal Surgery Department for 1 year. I am extremely satisfied with their service."
"ZSR team got me not just 1, but 5 official offers from several top universities. I decided to accept one of them, a 1-year Visiting Scholar position at RWTH AACHEN University in Germany. During my visit got the opportunity to be exposed to world-class scientific training, cutting-edge technology, and a true international ambience. I'm impressed by ZSR's work."
"After signing a contract with ZSR, they got me an excellent offer after only 3 days! The application for the Visa was fast too, within 13 days I got my Visa. So in just half a month I was ready to join the University of Auckland in New Zealand as a Visiting Scholar, and start working on my research!"
"ZSR helped me get my dream position as a Visiting Scholar in the University Of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). I applied for funding from the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) but their results would come a few days after UCLA's deadline. Luckily, due to ZSR quick diligence they agreed to wait for my results. My application was successful and I joined UCLA's Department of Theater, Technology and Innovation."
Application Procedure
Consultative evaluation & Contract
Data Analysis
Apply for the position
Interview training
Get an offer
Get the visa
Assist in picking up, housing
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